Hometown hero trades cleats for sneakers to give back


A hometown hero traded his football cleats for sneakers so he could give back to his community.

You're used to seeing Lamarr Woodley on the football field, but instead he came home to show off his basketball skills.

His foundation and Great Purpose of Saginaw joined forces for their second annual 3-on-3 Streetball Championship at Vet's Park.

Dozens of teams came out for their chance at the championship title, but this tournament is about more than competition. In a group effort, organizers hope to get kids out of the house during their summer break and get their hands on basketballs.

The idea came from Saginaw’s lack of outdoor activities for kids and education funding. All proceeds made go back into the players for college scholarships, while putting a positive spin back into streetball.

"Anything can be done so that's the main thing too to get not only just kids but family members coming out of the house and walking and seeing that it can be done we can be out here without violence and we can just have fun,” said founder Demarcus Laury.

Hundreds from the community came out to enjoy the action and support their players - win or lose.

"We've lost, but it's fun, you know, playing with everybody's experience, playing with older girls, it's fun,” Au'marrion Jones-Pruitt said.

That's exactly what Woodley had in mind for years to come.

"A third year! Oh, definitely a third year. I think you know watching it from last year to this year it's gotten bigger so I can only imagine what it'll look like next year,” he said.

The scholarships start out small, but with growth of the tournament comes growth of his player's educations.

"Hopefully we get more and more teams to get more and more donations and we can have more scholarships,” Laury said.

The winners of the tournament took home brand new Jordan shoes and backpacks, so they'll look extra nice on their first day back to school.


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