How Mid-Michigan is beating the Memorial Day heat


Heatwaves are bringing hard work to hospitals and emergency rooms. They will be hit with the hot weather perils of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration.

“When it gets hot, when it gets humid, you’ve got to watch your exposure to the heat,” said Gjon Dushaj, an ER doctor at McLaren in Flint.

Dr. Dushaj said they’re expecting to be busier than usual this weekend, thanks to scorching hot temperatures

He says heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common when the temperatures spike.

“Heat exhaustion is going to be more vague, not feeling well, dizzy,” Dushaj said. “When you start progressing into heat stroke that’s more severe. That’s when you start getting more confused, you start getting altered, you may start hallucinating.”

Who are those most at risk this weekend? Dr. Dushaj said children and the elderly because some kids can’t communicate the risk, while adults may pass it off as something else.

“And for the little ones that can’t speak to us, you look for fatigue and irritability,” Dushaj said. “Same thing with the elderly. If they start acting funny or not acting right, they’re less active or confused those are worrisome signs.”

However, if you absolutely have to be outside this weekend, Dr. Dushaj recommends taking breaks before you start feeling tired and stay hydrated by drinking water, instead of caffeine or alcohol.

“A lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol will make you more prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke too, and basically just keep staying hydrated,” Dushaj said.

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