If legalized, what should happen to those imprisoned for marijuana related crimes?


A candidate for Michigan Attorney General is making a bold suggestion on how legalizing marijuana should affect convicted post dealers.

A report by TV5’s Lansing affiliate WLNS said democratic candidate William Nokes believes legalizing recreational marijuana should guarantee the release of people jailed before the law was changed.

“I believe they should be let out of jail immediately,” said Terry Ward, the owner of Green Light Wellness in Burton.

Green Light Wellness helps people get medical marijuana cards.

When it comes to people doing time for marijuana-related crimes, Ward thinks they should be let out of prison, especially if recreational use of marijuana is approved by voters later this year.

“I never thought they should criminalize marijuana, it’s a ridiculous political thing that has been happening for decades,” Ward said.

Ward said while he advocates for the complete legalization of cannabis, he thinks it will be an uphill battle to get drug offenders out of prison.

“Realistically with the politics involved and other special interests like for-profit prisons, would make it hard,” Ward said. “Other states that have legalized marijuana are going through the same thing.”

Michigan currently has stiff penalties for drug offenders:

If marijuana becomes legal, it will be hard to find anyone that thinks people incarcerated for marijuana-related crimes should stay in prison.

“Hundred percent, I don’t think it’s a crime to smoke marijuana, to grow marijuana,” Davis Moore said. “It’s not a crime it’s something that comes out of the earth. We have other issues to focus on that are more important.”

But before that can happen, the proposal to legalize marijuana has to get on the ballot and the Board of Canvassers is still working on verifying the signatures on the petition turned in by supporters of the measure.

Ward said marijuana users have suffered enough and they should get their freedom too.

“You have so many patients that come through here that have been caught up in bad situations them horror stories from what they went through,” Ward said.

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