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A Lansing-based organization is working to reform Michigan’s no-fault law to lower auto insurance premiums for drivers in Michigan.

This plan comes after news spread that insurance would be going up by $28 for Michigan’s drivers.

Michigan requires drivers to buy unlimited personal injury protection policies, and is the only state that doesn’t cap medical coverage.

Executive Director of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan, Tricia Kinley, said that insurance rates are so high and will keep rising if something isn’t done.

“Michigan drivers do pay the highest insurance in the country, and that’s something our organization wants to fix,” Kinley said. “This recent announcement by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCAA) of the increase of assessment is just one piece of the total insurance picture.”

MCAA announced in March that insurance assessments will go up from $192 to $220 in July.

Kinley said there are options to lower costs. Options like allowing a wider variety of coverage options and adding cost controls on what the medical community can charge accident victims.

“Overall Michigan drivers are paying too much. Our members feel strongly, they deserve relief. And I think the legislature has every ability to reign in the costs of that and bring in relief,” Kinley said.

Kinley said that she will be working on that and hoping to get some help from Michigan’s drivers as well. She said that she thinks the best way to keep the momentum going is to have all of TV5’s viewers and readers contact legislatures.

“It’s long overdue to fix this issue,” Kinley said.

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