The man responsible for the deadly shooting at a Flint nightclub over the weekend has been identified.

The man responsible for the deadly shooting at a Flint nightclub over the weekend has been identified.

Investigators said The Loft’s security guard, Allyne Mycal Hall, was the shooter.

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Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said two women got into a fistfight and Hall tried to break it up. That's when others got involved in the fight.

Hall backed away and fired his gun in the air trying to break up the fight, but the bullet struck a man who was there celebrating his birthday, Leyton told TV5.

The victim was taken to Hurley Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Prosecutor Leyton said Hall left the bar and dumped his gun into the Flint River. He then returned to the scene where he was arrested.

Hall is facing several felony charges including involuntary manslaughter, tampering with evidence, carrying a concealed weapon, and two counts of felony firearm.

The owner, Jesi Williams said she’s still in shock after the shooting.

“We consider this our home, so to have something like this, we take it really personal,” Williams said.

Rodney Ott, co-owner, was also surprised. He thought the guard was unarmed.

“I’ve always hired unarmed guards, so I had no idea that he was carrying at the time,” Ott said.

Ott said they aren’t letting what happened define their business or downtown Flint.

Ott said that is why they hosted the event ‘Flint Strong’ at the Loft on Tuesday, March 3.

“Not a celebration but just a little unity for everybody to get people back together,” Ott said.

People came out in full force to show their support and love for the downtown business.

“We’re not going to let an isolated incident kind of hinder or deter the city rising,” said Kristen Wolosonowich.

“I love this place, it’s my home,” said Heather Burnash.

The Loft has been open for 17-years and this is the first incident that has happened like this, according to Ott.

Although the owners had thoughts of permanently closing, Ott said it was the overwhelming support from the community that changed his mind.

“So we’re going to turn it around and turn it as a positive and learn and grow. And come back together stronger than ever,” Ott said.

“We just want to let them know that we love them, and this set back isn’t going to define The Loft,” Williams said.

The family has started a GoFundMe to raise money for the funeral expenses of the man who was killed, if you would like to donate, click here.

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