The man who pleaded no contest to stabbing a 13-year-old girl to death was sentenced to a minimum of 75 years for second-degree murder.

On Nov. 9, Gardenhire was sentenced in front of Judge Mark H. Duthie in Isabella County.

Gardenhire was sentenced to these charges:

  • Second-degree murder, habitual Fourth: minimum of 75 years, maximum of 120 years, and a credit of 154 days.
  • Felonious assault, habitual Fourth: minimum of 10 years, maximum of 15 years, and a credit of 154 days.
  • Unlawful imprisonment, habitual Fourth: minimum of 75 years, maximum 120 years, and a credit of 154 years.

Judge Duthie did not sentence Gardenhire to life in prison because in Michigan if you are convicted of second degree murder you are eligible for parole after 15 years. Duthie said during the sentencing that is why Gardenhire was not given life in prison. 

On Sept. 27, Isaiah Gardenhire pleaded no contest to second-degree murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and unlawful imprisonment. The rest of his charges were dropped including first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a weapon, first-degree home invasion, a second count of assault with a dangerous weapon, a second count of unlawful imprisonment, three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first-degree, armed robbery, and carjacking.

About 3:15 a.m. on Sunday, June 6, detectives and troopers from the Mt. Pleasant State Police Post were sent to a residence for an alleged sexual assault and homicide investigation on S. Isabella Road, in Union Township. When police arrived, they found the 13-year-old girl deceased and the suspect had fled the scene.

Gardenhire was hiding in a nearby apartment complex, according to the Isabella County Prosecutor's Office. While there, he made contact with two residents - a male and a female - and held them hostage, the prosecutor's office said.

During the hostage situation, Gardenhire forced sexual acts on the female multiple times, the prosecutor's office said. He then stole a vehicle, some money, and left Monday morning, the prosecutor's office said.

Gardenhire was eventually taken into custody in the Flint area on June 8.

"In the last 37 years, I can't recall a case that is as bad as this case," Duthie said.

Crimes that Gardenhire answered for Tuesday.

"I wish I could turn back the hands of time, but I can't. Adrie was a good child, she was a good girl. She didn't deserve what happened to her," Gardenhire said.

Adrie was the 13-year-old victim, stabbed to death on June 6.

"Isaiah killed all of my daughters that night because they will never be the same," the mother of the victim said.

Adrie's mother, facing Gardenhire at the sentencing, revealed a glimpse of the horrors that unfolded that day.

"I was only thinking, how do I get out my two-, five-, nine-, and 13-year-old? I knew they were not going to escape you," the mother said. "The smile on your face when you were talking about cutting our unborn child out of my body while my four daughters watched."

"The conduct in this case, the only way you can actually characterize it: it was flat out evil," Duthie said.

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