'It's OK to Be White' fliers found in Michigan neighborhood

Source: CNN

Some residents in a Michigan neighborhood were shocked to wake up Sunday morning and find objectionable fliers posted around their community.

The fliers read "It's Okay To Be White" in several different formats. Some of them contained pictures of President Trump.

Karen Zivi said she woke up to find one of the fliers on her personal sign in her front yard.

"It was actively blocking a message that I believe in, which is 'kindness is everything,' and putting up a message of hate," Zivi said. "And doing it in the middle of the night when no one is around to have a conversation about the issue.”

Below the phrase were links to some Alt-right websites.

The fliers were found posted on utility poles and trees as well as over “Black Lives Matter” signs.

They were also left under the windshield wipers or vehicles in the area.

Police told our CNN affiliates at FOX 17 they received multiple calls Sunday about the fliers found on several streets in the area.

Kris Pachla said he was shocked to find the fliers while walking his dog. He said it’s not the message he wants in his community.

“We want to be an inclusive community, we shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable and certainly those signs are making people feel they are not welcome here in East Grand Rapids,” he said.

The fliers have all been removed.

Police are investigating whether any crimes were actually committed.

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