Journal entries offer glimpse into planned Michigan school massacre

Source: CBS

Detailed journal entries revealed more about a 15-year-old Michigan teen’s plans for a school massacre.

The journal entries were read out loud in court on Wednesday and a judge is still working to determine if he will be tried as an adult on multiple charges related to the plot.

The Paw Paw student poured his plans for a massacre on to paper, which provided police, his family and the public with some answers.

His mother turned him in to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office after she had discovered he stockpiled explosives and ammunition.

“I believe it was six and a half pages front and back of specific details on making different sorts of bombs,” Van Buren County Sheriff Deputy Trevor Tate said.

Tate is a school resource officer who knew the student and helped investigate the case. He read parts of the student's journal out loud during the hearing.

"I would love every loser in my school to join a suicide cult like one filled with fatties and idiots,” Tate read.

Drawings and instructions on how to make bombs were also found in the notebook. One officer said he had already carried out some tests.

Van Buren County Sheriff Detective Sharon VanDam interviewed the student about his admitted plans for a mass shooting.

"At first he said he was going to go there early and if someone came in he would shoot them. And then he talked about waiting until third-hour which was civics,” VanDam said.

During questioning, VanDam became emotional about what could have happened.

“I can imagine with all the stuff he was going to put in his back pack I can imagine we would not be sitting here today, because he would have shot other people, he would have killed himself,” she said.

She believed the student intended to do harm before he was brought in.

His defense said he was bullied, called names and taunted on social media.

Tate said he interviewed more than 30 parents and students and not one mentioned the student had been bullied.

The journal also included a hit list and plans for a possible attack at the Fourth of July fireworks in South Haven.

A judge is still working to determine if this student should be tried as an adult.

The hearing will resume on May 2.

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