Keeping kids protected during off-season training

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There are new concerns about young athletes and the dangers of training during the summer season.

Being a student athlete is a lot like a full-time job. Whether going to practice or hitting the weight room, students have to put in the work to improve.

State rules regulate how often schools can host practices, but that doesn't keep athletes away for very long. Workouts happen every day on school property in an attempt to get better.

"As long as the coach is there supervising it's not a practice. It's simply an open gym, an opportunity for the kids to get some time to work on their game. If it's organized, structured that counts as a day of competition. That's something that the MHSAA is going to look at as one of your 15 days that you get over the course of the summer," Carrollton Athletic Director Blaise Zimmer said.

Zimmer said there is a balancing act trainers and coaches have to navigate when it comes to making sure kids aren't pushing themselves too hard.

"For our football practices we've got a trainer on hand. For all of our football games and all of our basketball games and things of that nature. And yes, we're going to make sure that we're pushing our kids. But for the most part kids are going to want to be out there. So if they're telling me that they can't go, then we know that they can't go," Zimmer said.

When it comes to the safety of students, several schools have required AEDs to be placed throughout the building.

For the coaches at Carrollton, it's mandatory for them to know how to use one.

"You know right now it's just coaches. We have policies in place where coaches are going to be supervising at all times anyway. Obviously it doesn't hurt to have anybody trained in how to use an AED. But we do make sure that we have coaches around at all times when we have athletic things going on," Zimmer said.

In Michigan, state law requires every school to have an emergency response plan in place.

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