GRAPHIC WARNING: Some details in this story may be disturbing to some people.

Shiawassee County District Court records revealed horrific details about Kevin Bacon’s murder.

The 25-year-old Swartz Creek man went missing on Christmas Eve after he went to meet up with a man from a dating app.

Police discovered Kevin Bacon’s body in the basement of 50-year-old Mark Latunski’s home in the 700 block of W. Tyrrell Road in Morrice on Saturday, Dec. 28.

Police received a tip Kevin Bacon may be at the residence and discovered his body after performing a welfare check at the residence, according to court records.

Latunski granted police permission to search the residence on Dec. 28, the court records say.

Police discovered Kevin Bacon’s body hanging naked from the ceiling in the basement, court records say.

"Evil does exist and it touched us," said Karl Bacon, Kevin's father.

On Saturday, Latunski was arrested. He has since been charged with one count of open murder and one count of mutilation of a body.

“Under Miranda warnings, Mr. Latunski admitted to the murder of Mr. Bacon,” Michigan State Police Det. Sgt. James Moore is quoted saying in the court records.

Latunski told police he used a knife to stab Kevin Bacon in the back, then slit his throat, according to court records.

Latunski then said he wrapped rope around the ankles of Kevin Bacon and hung him from the rafters of the ceiling, the court records say.

“In addition, Mr. Latunski admitted to using the knife to cut off Mr. Bacon’s testicles which he later consumed,” Moore is quoted saying in the court records.

Kevin Bacon has been laid to rest, but details into exactly how he died continue to haunt his parents, Karl and Pamela Bacon.

"It's gut-wrenching to hear the details and we are just beside ourselves," Karl Bacon said.

"We haven't had the time to process everything yet," Pamela Bacon added.

While the disturbing revelations hurt the family, they said this is not how they want people to remember their son.

"He was a good person. He was compassionate. He cared for the people he met. He cared for the people he worked with. He loved everyone," Karl Bacon said.

The family said the outpouring of support from everyone has been tremendous.

On Monday, Jan. 6, Karl and Pamela Bacon expressed their gratitude for all the prayers, donations and memories shared.

They also thanked the community for painting the Flint Rock in Kevin Bacon's honor. The rock sits on 12th Street and Hammerburg Road in Flint.

Kevin Bacon's family hopes this tragedy is a wake-up call to people who meet strangers online.

"When you use these apps just let other people know who you are meeting and where you’re going to be at so you have a safety net,” Karl Bacon said.

Latunski is scheduled back in court on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Latunski's public defender, Douglas Corwin Jr., said he will be filing an insanity defense on behalf of his client. Corwin said he will be asking for a forensic evaluation of Latunski.

Michigan State Police are asking anyone who may have information on Kevin Bacon's murder or information on Mark Latunski they feel would be beneficial to the case, to call 1-877-616-4677. You can also email

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