GENERIC: MRSA bacteria

A Mid-Michigan school district is alerting parents after a student was diagnosed with the highly-contagious bacteria known as MRSA.

“This is a bug that's resistant to a lot of antibodies and it’s tough to treat it,” Ayusha Shrestha, doctor at McLaren said.

A student at Lake Fenton High School diagnosed with MRSA, an infection caused by a type of staph bacteria resistant to many antibiotics.

“The skin infection can just look like a normal sore or boils,” Shrestha said. “So, it can look simple as well as dirty. It can spread by touching infected parts by any surface or infected wound or any friends.”

Although the diagnosis can be alarming, Shrestha says, simply staying on top of hand washing can prevent it from spreading

“For the school strain I think the handwashing would be the first step that we can do and preventing it is the best thing that we can do at this time,” he said.

He also warns that the contagious infection isn't just limited to skin

“[It] can also lead to more infection deep into the blood stream, urinary tract infection or also lung infection,” Shrestha said. “[It] can also lead to morbidity.”

As far as treatment is concerned, officials say superficial infections that haven't gone too deep can be treated within a couple of weeks.

“But sometimes if the infection is deep enough making an abscess or a deeper wound infection that might take long treatment even surgical intervention might be needed,” Shrestha said

And if you're unsure if you've been infected it's better to be safe than sorry and get help.

“It’s always better to get to the doctor just to make sure you don't have this infection,” he said. “And the proper hand washing techniques should be taught to all students.”

Since the discovery of the illness the school has performed two deep cleaning and notified all parents.

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