Image: Customers at Arbor Wellness in Ann Arbor

Marijuana legalization in Michigan is officially in full swing with recreational sales now underway.

Long lines kept cash registers humming at several dispensaries in Ann Arbor as hundreds wanted to purchase marijuana legally for the first time.

TV5 went to Ann Arbor to get a first-hand look at the booming business.

“Today I’m picking up some recreational pot for the first time in Michigan and I’m excited about it,” said Charlie Steslick.

Steslick is just one of the hundreds of people that are waiting in line, in the cold, to get a taste of recreational marijuana.

“There’s just a happy aura around the city the last few days for sure,” Steslick said.

Steslick is buying his marijuana from Arbor’s Wellness in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor is just one of three communities that have a license to sell recreational marijuana.

“I’m here with my family. My son and his dad,” said Brittany Millis.

Mullis said today’s trip to buy marijuana is a family affair. She said she’s originally from Washington and while standing in line she has met people from all over.

“People are pretty eager, they come from all over. I’ve seen people from Kentucky, Florida. So people are just coming from all over and that’s kinda cool,” Mullis said.

The lines have gone down significantly since yesterday, according to business owners. Yesterday there was a three-hour wait and today the wait at Arbor Wellness is an hour to fifteen minutes.

“We had a monumental day. We had over 700 people come through our doors that was just fantastic,” Al Moroz, manager at Arbor Wellness said.

Moroz said people that are lifetime smokers and first-time smokers have visited the store.

“I would warn people that are using marijuana for the first time would be for those using edibles. They should probably just do a small dose of edible. I’m talking five milligrams to 10 milligrams max, wait an hour and see how you feel,” Moroz said.

Steslick said with the state taxes, he expects the marijuana he buys to be pricey, but he said it’s worth it.

“I assume it’s going to be a little bit pricier then what I’ve expected in the past but overall it’s a good thing,” Steslick said.

According to the Michigan Regulatory Agency, the only three retail outlets allowed to sell recreational marijuana on Sunday netted more than $221,000 in sales.

Michigan State Police issued a warning about driving under the influence after a trooper’s SUV was hit by a driver who was allegedly high.

The trooper was parked on the side of I-75 at the scene of an accident when a pickup truck lost control and slammed into the side of the SUV. The driver admitted to smoking marijuana before the crash.

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