'Living in sin' illegal in Michigan

Source: CBS

What some would call “living in sin” is actually illegal in Michigan, thanks to an antiquated law.

Some, like State Senator Steve Bieda (D-Warren), want to do away with the law that bans unmarried couples from living under the same roof.

"It is actually one of the silliest laws we still have on the books," Bieda said.

It was passed in 1931 to stop what it called “gross lewdness."

Unmarried, unrelated, people of the opposite genders living together could face up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

"I would say if that law was heavily enforced, we'd probably have more than half our population in violation," State Rep. Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) said.

Neeley said the law is one of several antiquated pieces of legislation that needs to be addressed.

"We need to go back and revisit some of the books to make sure that some of our laws are more realistic of how we're living in society today," Neeley said.

He said despite the archaic law, it is still technically in effect. However, its enforcement is another matter.

"Well, it will remain in effect and be lightly enforced based upon the relevance of the particular law that may be violated, but I think on some laws people may turn their heads the other way," Neeley said.

There have been unsuccessful attempts in the past to get rid of the law.

"It's an easy fix, there's a repealer statute, it’s sitting in committee. I'm hoping to get it out of committee in the near future," Bieda said.

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