Boy attacked by dog

A mid-Michigan boy is now continuing his recovery at home after days in the hospital following an attack from a dog.

A mid-Michigan boy is now continuing his recovery at home after days in the hospital following an attack from a dog.

Five-year-old Easton Fryzel was left with a laceration across his neck and from his lip down to his chin. Doctors said the bite missed his carotid artery by only a half inch.

After multiple surgeries and future reconstructive procedures planned, they said the medical bills continue to pile up.

“I was going to pick up a ball then the dog just attacked me,” Easton Fryzel said.

What started as a carefree, playful day outside in Standish for Fryzel, ended with painful moments of horror.

“I seen it and I took off running across the yard and I scooped him up and I yelled at my husband to get in the truck,” said Cacee Fryzel, Easton’s mother.

The attack happened while the boy's mother was visiting a co-worker. They rushed to nearby Standish Hospital and his mother feared the worse.

“I was holding him in the truck, and he kept closing his eye and I thought that was it, my son was going to die in my arms,” Cacee Fryzel said.

When they arrived, Fryzel's injuries were so severe he had to be airlifted to Hurley in Flint. He suffered a six-inch laceration across his neck and another from his lip down to under his chin.

The bite also ripped down the gum that was holding his teeth in place.

“The doctors and nurses told us how lucky we were because it was so close to his throat. It was so close to his carotid, his trachea his vocal cords,” Cacee Fryzel said.

The attack happened on May 1. Fryzel has since undergone several surgeries and faces more reconstructive surgeries in the future.

He will also have emotional therapy after an attack by one of his favorite animals.

“We’re a little scared of dogs these days aren’t we, but we’re trying to work through that,” Cacee Fryzel said.

Days after returning home from the hospital, Fryzel was met with a surprise of his very own parade. The community's way of showing their support on his road to recovery, which will be an expensive one.

Friends and family created a GoFundMe page with the goal of $10,000 to help the family financially.

“That was really terrifying. So, we’re very thankful that he’s here that we still get to see his smile every day,” Cacee Fryzel said.

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