Lane Caverly

Layne Caverly wanted to make sure the Iosco County police were thanked.

The ultimate act of kindness for a sergeant and deputy with the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office in which they detailed in a post on the sheriff’s website, and it all came from 17-year-old Lane Caverly.

“I have always wanted to give a cop more than just a handshake and a thank you,” said Caverly.

On July 14, after noticing the sergeant and deputy parked at a gas station near his house, he got the chance to do more by handing them thank you cards with wooden police coins and 20 dollars each inside.

“I figured 20 dollars would maybe buy them supper or something,” said Caverly.

In the post from the sheriff’s office, the deputies thanked Caverly for his support and kindness.

“It was pretty nice to see that they were getting some appreciation and getting value rather than being hated and spit on,” said Caverly.

Caverly says the admiration for law enforcement comes naturally as he has an aunt who is a lieutenant, so the deputies took his act of kindness and paid it forward by matching the 40 dollars and dedicating them to a memorial fund and the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.

“Nowadays it feels like it takes a tragedy to unite us, and it shouldn’t take that,” said Caverly. “I think it also goes to show the testament and character of those officers.”

Given the climate of the country, Caverly hopes more people will follow suit to make the world a better place.

“I just think people should try to put a little bit of it back together rather than tear it down,” said Caverly.

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