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While planning her wedding, Kayla Lucas thought she had found the perfect venue for her ceremony at the Bancroft Crystal Ballroom in downtown Saginaw.

"We're happy, we're ecstatic about it," she said.

So, Lucas and her fiancé booked the venue in advance last year with a two hundred dollar down payment.

"We made a payment in full for the rest of the like 900 or so dollars that we owed,” Lucas said. “I wrote a check, and she gladly accepted and that was the last we heard."

That’s because last month,  the Bancroft Wine and Martini Bar permanently closed its doors.

This left Lucas worried over her contract with the Bancroft Crystal Ballroom. At the time, she says she was assured by a coordinator with the Bancroft, that their agreement was fine.

That is until this Wednesday,  when she got this email from a new company stating that the Bancroft ballroom is under a new lease and that none of the previous contracts or deposits could be honored.

"Nothing was done, nothing was said publicly or anything,” Lucas said. “Not until yesterday when I get an email saying that our contract can no longer be honored."

So TV5 made several attempts to reach the previous company Lucas was working with. We left a voice message and tried several other numbers, but so far, we have not heard back from anyone associated with the previous company.

Fortunately, the new company leasing the ballroom, called From Scratch Catering and Event Planning is working to provide couples with previous contracts some sort of assistance.

"We're basically offering to do the events at a zero profit for us,” said Jeff Jacobs, owner of From Scratch. “Which means that it may not be completely pain free or without financial consequence to them, but hopefully much less than if they had to start from the beginning.”

An act which Lucas said she's extremely grateful for.

"I mean, we can bounce back, ours isn't until May,” she said. “But there’s brides that have weddings this year yet, and two months is not enough time to plan a new venue."

Lucas is talking with a lawyer about possible legal action. TV 5 will follow this story, and bring you any updates.  

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