Across the nation people ask the question, how can we prevent the next school shooting?

Does it start with gun law reform or is there another solution?

Community members are asking those questions in Flint.

"This week there was another school shooting," said Deborah Conrad. "This time in Florida. 17 dead one gunman in custody, himself a teen."

Churches across Mid-Michigan reflecting on the deadly shooting in Florida.

Conrad is a senior minister at Woodside church in Flint. Where she discussed her views on what should happen next.

"I think the most important thing for me, even for these folks and for people of faith everywhere, that we realize we don't have to put up with this," Conrad said. "We don't have to except the prevailing notion with Christianity, faith and with guns."

Conrad would like to see changes in gun laws and maybe even see guns become outlawed altogether.

But Alexis Gibson, who attends the service, has other views on how to stop this disturbing trend.

"I think it's a mental health issue not so much a gun issue," Gibson said. "If the law changed to prevent someone from doing it, I mean it's already illegal to murder someone so I guess I don't get what making guns illegal would do."

In the aftermath of the shooting in Florida, many people agree something needs to change to stop innocent lives from being lost.

Conrad hopes that change is by adding more gun control.

"I'm not speaking for Woodside Church, speaking for myself, but my thought is the second amendment has outlived its usefulness," Conrad said. "It's time for us to get a grip in society and realize that we don't need guns."

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