IMAGE: Hurricane Florence

Florence, which made landfall Friday morning in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane, is now a tropical storm with winds of 70 mph.

Millions are without power and the storm is now blamed for at least five deaths, including an infant.

In Mid-Michigan, at least one family has a personal stake in what happens with Florence.

"I was a little bit concerned but now that it's a reality it's hard,” Anna Lovell said.

Florence may be isolated to the East Coast, but its impact is being felt across the country.

Saginaw resident Anna Lovell has family in the Carolinas. Florence is making its way towards Lovell’s loved ones.

"Seeing our beautiful beaches, we lived down there for so long, getting destroyed, the dunes. Worrying about the safety of my family members,” she said.

Lovell's sister Kathy, and her in-laws Pam and Mark Lovell, all reside near Charlotte.

According to the National Weather Service, that area is under a Flash Flood Watch until Tuesday. Florence is expected to soak the western Carolinas with inches of rain starting Friday night.

As you can imagine, Lovell has been keeping in constant contact with those close to her.

“Talking to my sister. I waited a little while. Talked to my in-laws and then my husband called his aunt and cousin,” Lovell said.

Lovell said she’s had a hard time sleeping since Florence made landfall. She’s hoping that changes soon.

"I might have to take a sleeping pill. My nerves have been really rattled today,” she said.

Lovell said she spent 15 years living in South Carolina and she knows the dangers associated with all the rain a tropical system can produce there.

With that said, she has a message for her sister and in-laws.

"Please be safe and I love you and you need to seek some shelter,” Lovell said.

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