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A bill has been introduced that would ban declawing of cats in the State of Michigan.

State Rep. Nate Shannon sponsored House Bill 5508 that would prohibit declawing, or any other surgical procedure that “prevents normal functioning of the claws” unless it’s necessary for the health of the animal.

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"Us as an organization, we can't afford to not support this bill," Director of the Human Society of Midland County Beth Wellman said.

She says they've had to pay for multiple reconstruction surgeries on cats with botched declawings.

And she says it's a procedure that's unnecessary in the first place.

"There's very few instances where declawing could benefit the cat and that would be if it had some form of autoimmune issue, if the toe was injured in some way, and certainly something that the animal needs in order to survive is totally different than doing something to save your couch," Wellman said.

The humane society said that simply put, declawing a cat is kind of equivalent to cutting off your own finger at the knuckle, which is why it can cause behavioral and health problems in some kittens.

But others argue that outlawing the procedure will only lead to more strays being left out on the streets.

One person said, "I think in some ways if they don't allow people to do that, then they might have not as many people taking cats."

However, Wellman says that's just a myth. "We get just as many stray declawed cats in as we get stray cats with claws, because the problem is we see a ton of declawed cats that bite, that don't use their litter box, or only use their litter box sporadically, that limp,” Wellman said. “I've done this so long that I can spot a declawed cat from across the parking lot."

If made a law, a violation of the ban could result in a fine of no more than $1,000.

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It's not a myth at all. Cat's with front claws will scratch on furniture and hang from curtains, ruining them. I've seen it. I've had several cats over the course of my lifetime. All had their front claws removed. If I get a cat, they are house cats only and don't go outside. If I can't front declaw them, I wont have them.


Totally agree! People that whine over declawing a cat, whine over a lot of things, but more often than not, also agree with abortion, killing a baby over declawing a cat!


So glad that this is finally being put through. Cats need their claws to help protect themselves. If you have a cat and it gets lost or somehow gets out, it needs to be able to protect itself. Catching pray, climbing up trees and for safety. Any one who comments saying, "indoor cats should be declawed" or "why is this an issue" are boneheads. Do you declaw your dogs? No? Hmm.. Didn't think so.. I wonder why.. They need them just as cats do. The ONLY reason why people declaw cats is to protect their furniture and doesn't want to deal with cutting nails or being scratched. Dont see people doing it to dogs and i know plenty that jump on me and scratch me with their thick nails. Just glad something is finally being done to stop this cruelty.


My cat is declawed so that I could realistically have him live in my home. Period. Or he wouldn't be here. I've gone the other way and it does not work. Your home should be a place of peace and harmony and having a cat with claws does not contribute to that whatsoever. There are more important things to cry about.


We rescued a cat that was living in the basement of an abandoned house. We have a small dog. When they would attempt to play, our dog was getting his nose shredded. Had we not been able to get our cat front declawed, we would not have been able to keep him. Our cat and dog are buddies that answer the door together, that play together, and sometimes even sleep together. To be clear, he is an indoor cat. We love our cat dearly and would have completely missed out on having him in our family and being able to give him a loving home if we had not been able to front declaw him. (Our vet no longer does back declawing.). Our cat still uses his scratching posts/toys with his front paws, and has no issues using a litter box or any other behavior issues. He was declawed as an adult. While I would not advocate any surgery as a matter of course, there are situations where the benefit could certainly out way the detriment (i. e. Being able to be adopted into a loving home instead of going to an overcrowded shelter and possibly being euthanized.).

Maybe new guidelines for valid reasons to have the procedure done, what age the procedure is best done for the development of the cat, vet accountability for botched procedures to correct the issue, and pet owner education of the possible behavior risks coupled with commitment and accountability to keep the cat indoors should be considerations instead. There are already so many cats and kittens in need of homes...

Good. Declawing is a cruel practice.


Killing unborn babies is cruel...not declawing a cat so that it can have a home.


If our state Representatives do not have anything more important to do than worry about cat claws we are in a world of trouble.

Eagle Eye

House cats do not need claws. Claws are used to catch ( snag ) mice & birds for food. House cats should be properly fed by their owners. This is stepping way overboard in my opinion.

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