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The days leading up to a new school year are normally filled with excitement for students and parents alike, but as many schools go virtually only, at least one mid-Michigan private school is seeing an increase in enrollment interest from parents who want their children back in the classroom this fall.

Some area public schools are moving online leading some parents to seek other options to keep their children learning in person.

“It has definitely been a lot of additional phone calls, emails coming in every which way,” said Kelly Breasbois, Director of Admission and Marketing for Nouvel Catholic Central Schools.

Breasbois says it’s business as usual at Nouvel with some safety modifications.

She says that even though classes are in person, the students are safe.

“We always wanna put the health and safety of our students first and foremost so we don’t want to jeopardize that by having that face to face instruction, but as long as we can keep the students and we know that they’re being safe, that is definitely our number one goal,” said Breasbois.

It’s the flexibility that private schools have that allows them to still teach in person.

“We pride ourselves on our smaller class sizes,” said Breasbois. “So, it is a little bit easier for us to socially distance. Also, all of our students are transported by parents, grandparents, guardians, family members. So, that transportation is a big issue as well.”

Kate Davis’ son Henry is new to private school and just finished his first week.

“I still wanted him to be able to have that interaction with kids,” said Davis. “I feel like when they’re younger and they’re at that age, they still need physical interaction whether it be from a six foot distance, they’re in that environment and they’re with other kids their age. I felt that was super key.

When asked if being in person was worth the extra price tag, Davis said yes.

“One hundred percent, one hundred percent,” said Davis.  

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