Gang violence in Flint

A local prosecutor is looking at solutions to gang violence that go beyond policing.

A local prosecutor is looking at solutions to gang violence that go beyond policing.

The recently discovered remains of a homicide victim in Flint are believed to be tied to gang violence, something David Leyton, the Genesee County prosecutor blames on a lack of real opportunity for young people.

"I'm hoping that we're able to talk to young people and get them to understand this is not the road they want to go down,” Leyton said.

In June 25-year-old Craig Myott's body was found in a wooded area along Clio Road near Stewart Avenue, close to a year after police said he was killed.

Four people have now been charged in his death. Leyton believes Myott was killed by other gang members.

"Suggests it was an intra gang situation whereby he had been involved with some of these folks and he had done something that other gang members didn't like, and they had put out what's called the green light on him, meaning that other gang members could kill him,” Leyton said.

Cody Rolland, Devin Sayles, Madison Merrill, and Selena Johnson have all been charged in Myott’s death and with gang membership felonies.

While their court hearings are pending, Leyton said there is an even bigger issue here, far too many young people in Flint getting into gangs in Flint.

They are seeing old gangs and new ones are emerging with younger and younger people.

Leyton said something has got to change.

"I think as a community, we've dropped the ball, we don't have enough. Job opportunities, educational opportunities, and the opportunity to teach them wrong from right, and we need to do a better job of that. And that's where the focus ought to be,” Leyton said.

Leyton wants more help on all levels to fight crime in the Genesee County community. Additional funding and people in the community coming forward after a violent crime could make all the difference.

"Folks are not wanting to get involved, but we need them to get involved. If we're going to have a safer community," Leyton said.

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