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A veterinarian rescued a puppy who was hit by a car and left for dead. Now he’s looking for a place the puppy can call home.

On Friday, April 12th, the puppy was playing on Genesee Road in Flint. Shortly after running around for a little, he was hit by a car.

“Our biggest scare was he had a lot of head trauma. He basically sat here pretty unresponsive for about 36 hours,” Veterinarian Chadd Boggs said.

Boggs works with Heritage Veterinary Hospital, he picked the puppy up off the road himself.

He said that once the dog was hit, they were out there to save him within two to three minutes.

“He was a real stoic guy and didn’t show any type of problems when we picked him up. He didn’t seem to be in too much pain but that’s probably because he had a lot of head trauma,” Boggs said.

The puppy underwent surgery on its legs on April 16th and is healing fine. Boggs expects him to make a full recovery.

“The nice thing about puppies is they heal really quick,” Boggs said.

The only problem Boggs said they are having is that they can’t find the owner of the puppy. He said that he needs a new home.

Boggs said the surgery to save him costs $3,000 and that the vet had to foot the bill.  

Dr. Boggs said the puppy will be there for another three or four weeks as he recovers.

If you would like to find out how to adopt this puppy contact Heritage Veterinary Hospital at 810-736-8600.

If you would like to help with the surgery expenses, click here.

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