Racer Trust “pleased” with offers to buy Buick City site


For years the Buick City site in Flint has remained vacant, but new life, could soon be coming to this barren land.

Mahindra Automotive North America has plans to make the site the home of a new manufacturing plant.

"Certainly manufacturing is what we're looking to bring back," said Richard Ansell, Vice President of Marketing for Mahindra. The fact that there's such a rich heritage there is the allure of the site for us."

The company signed a letter of intent with RACER Trust to evaluate the former Buick City site in Flint.

Ansell says the company is in the running to produce the next generation of delivery vehicles for the United States Postal Service, and that they're considering creating a plant in Flint to help support the expansion.

“Winning the USPS contract is a key element of our growth strategy but it’s only a piece of what we have planned,” said Mahindra president and CEO, Rick Haas.

“We have a long-term product plan and we believe the former Buick City site in Flint is a strong contender for what would essentially be Mahindra’s first large scale manufacturing operation in the United States." Haas said.

Ansell said expansion at the site will happen in several phases and plans are to bring 2,000 or more jobs into Flint.

Mayor Karen Weaver says the prospect of bringing new jobs to the city is exciting.

"That's big because to have these types of jobs come in, that's exactly what we want and what we deserve," she said.

Before any plans are made, Mahindra says they do have some environmental concerns over building on that location, which is why they're working with RACER Trust - a redevelopment company that works to clean up former General Motors properties and facilities.

"Obviously a key issue with a one-hundred year old site like that, so it made sense to partner with them. We'll take a real good hard look at the viability of that site, from an environmental standpoint and that's why it made sense to partner with them," said Ansell.

Weaver stated her office has had conversations with MANA and it's contractors as well as the MEDC, Flint Genesee Chamber of Commerce and RACER Trust in an effort to move the city forward.

Mahindra is one of five companies shortlisted for the contract with RACER Trust, which is expected to be announced later this year.

Mahindra is also discussing several other states for possible plant sites.

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