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Thousands remain without power across Mid-Michigan following a blast of winter weather.

Families to the north are bearing the brunt of that storm system. They are now without heat or electricity as temperatures are below freezing.

TV5 spoke with one resident who relies on an oxygen machine and every minute the power is off, it puts him at risk.

“It’s kind of rough,” said Enda Gray.

Living without electricity is a harsh reality Edna Gray has endured since Sunday when the latest bout of winter weather knocked out power to a lot of residents in Midland County.

“I can’t cook. I have an electric stove. I have my grandkids staying with me right now until they get their place put it. You know it’s rough, no showers, how are the kids supposed to go to school. They don’t want to go to school smelling you know,” Gray said.

For more people when they loose power its an inconvenience but for some it much more serious.

“It could be life-threatening, yes,” said Steven Thompson.

Thompson is Gray’s brother. He’s using Oxygen tanks to get by while his oxygen generator is on the fritz. He said he had a few close calls on Sunday night.

“A couple of times during the night I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance and go to the hospital,” Thompson said.

Thompson said his oxygen will run out sometime tonight. He’s worried about what he’ll do next.

“The few tanks I’ve got over there that’s it. Without that oxygen generator right there, that’s pretty much my lifeline,” Thompson said.

A spokesperson for Consumers Energy said a substation in the area sustained significant damage. All efforts are being taken to bring Gray’s home back online by 11 p.m., but the spokesperson also said that isn’t a sure thing.

For her part, Gray hopes her brother can regain the use of his oxygen generator soon.

“I’m hoping they get the power on. That’s what I’m hoping, they can get it on before it’s too late,” Gray said.

Restorations times vary throughout the area. For more information on restorations times, click here.

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