A man has died after being pinned under a large slab of concrete Tuesday morning.

Just after 10:30 a.m., first responders were sent to the 6100 block of Saltlick Circle in Grand Blanc Township, Grand Blanc Township Police officers said.

Officers found a 67-year-old man trapped under a large slab of concrete. He had been removing the slab from a porch when it collapsed.

"This guy came rushing over screaming for help. So we were all in a panic. We ran over to what he needed help with," said Dylan Denomme.

Denomme said a man working on his neighbor's house was pinned underneath some concrete. As soon as he heard, he decided to act.

"It was the guy that was working on their house, was working on the front slap of the patio. And he must've been using a concrete saw to cut and when he was cutting it caved in on top of him. He fell at the concrete slab, falling on top of him," Denomme said.

Grand Blanc Township Police, fire and neighbors all pitched in to lift the concrete off the 67-year-old man, allowing him to breathe until paramedics got there.

"Thank God he stopped in to check on the house. So if he wouldn't have, who knows how long that guy would've been sitting there for," Denomme said.

Grand Blanc Township Fire crews got to the scene and got the man out of the hole.

He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but later died from his injuries, according to Grand Blanc Township Police Lt. Scott Theede

Neighbors, like Roger Gardener, say it was a terrible scene, but praise the efforts of everyone involved who tried to help.

"They were working outside and you could tell they were muddy as could be when they jumped down there and helped him out. They didn't stick around for any response. They did what they felt like they had to do," Gardener said.

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