Man hailed as hero after saving Michigan boy from drowning

Source: CNN

A corrections officer is getting praise for saving a Michigan boy from drowning in a pool.

Shaun Skursky is now being called a hero.

Back in March, Skursky was poolside, vacationing at Avista Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with his family, when a nightmare became reality.

"I was in the hot tub. I hear a lady screaming for help and I grabbed my son, ran over to see what the problem was and saw there was two boys in the water and I jumped in to start helping,” Skursky said.

Surveillance footage shows the two boys playing in a lazy river when one of them got his leg stuck in a pipe. Trapped, the boy was unable to come up for air.

"I just dove under water and I started breathing into his mouth. Every time I came up, I took another breath and when I went down, I blew my oxygen into his mouth and on the way up, tried to pull him out and it just wasn't working,” Skursky said.

Emergency responders estimate the boy was under water for around eight minutes. If it wasn't for Skursky giving him air, the heroic story may have turned tragic.

"I had no time to think at all. I saw two boys in the water. I heard someone screaming for help and I just jumped in the pool. I guess it's part of our DNA as first responders and corrections officers. It's what we do. Get the job done and then think about it later,” Skursky said.

Skursky works as a corrections officer at a state prison and said his experiences there helped him act quickly. He hopes to someday again see the boy whose life he saved.

"Hopefully one day we can get together with the mother and the child and we can reunite and come together,” he said.

The boy lives in Michigan and is OK now.

Earlier this month. the Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety flew Skursky back down to South Carolina and gave him a life-saving award for his heroics.

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