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Hunting season is in full swing, but one man said the deer population is thinning in Michigan.

He started a petition to do something about it.

Ean Green said it seems deer numbers are down. He is trying to get the state to intervene to improve the state's herd. Nearly 10,000 people are backing him.

"My first deer I got when I was 13 with my bow," the avid hunter said.

Green is a pastor in Elkton, a small community in the Thumb. This year he's not seeing many deer so he is praying something will be done to improve the herd.

"If we don't do something soon we don't have any deer left," Green said.

He started an online petition hoping to limit the number of bucks each hunter can kill to one. Nearly 10,000 people have signed the petition so far.

"There's not the deer, the bucks chasing the does, because there's not the bucks. Too many bucks being shot, which is why the one buck rule would work well here in Michigan," Green said.

He said states like Ohio and Wisconsin already have a one buck rule. He claims the hunting is better.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources doesn't necessarily agree with Green's outlook on the state's deer population.

The DNR said the herd is generally healthy with good numbers in the Lower Peninsula.

This year the Natural Resources Commission meets to put together deer regulations for the next three years.

Green hopes with what he's seeing in the woods and the signatures of 10,000 others who agree with him, the commission will listen.

"Since this is the year they're going to be meeting it's something they need to at least consider. And it's the voice of the people, so hopefully they consider that. And look at it and we'll go from there. Hopefully it works," Green said.

Green also plans to send the petition to his state lawmakers.

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