Gator in Tuscola County

A Michigan man is speaking out after the scare of his life – a face-to-face encounter with an alligator.

The encounter with that potentially deadly creature happened on his property.

“I started fumbling and scrambling, trying to get my pistol out of my pants so fast,” said Derrick Fells.

Fells spoke to TV5 over the phone from his home in Detroit. That’s where he returned after an up-close meeting with a 6-foot gator on his Tuscola County property.

“The gator turned to come at me,” Fells said.

Fells ultimately killed the gator after shooting it in the head once, then twice more after authorities arrived. He said the owner of the animal is his neighbor next door, a reptile vendor.

“The pen that that gator was in was empty. And he said, ‘oh, I ain’t know it was missing.’ That thing had been missing probably over two days because I heard it the day before,” Fells said.

TV5 tried to talk to the owners of the alligator, but they blocked off their driveway.

“They have another alligator over there that’s 8-feet long. And they have a smaller one in the house. And that’s from the police. That’s what the police said,” said Aswad Issa, Fells’ uncle.

Issa said if anymore of the neighbors’ animals make their way to their property, they will suffer the same fate as that gator.

“This is hunting territory. He is standing to lose his reptiles. If those critters come over here they’re going to have some problems,” Issa said.

As for Fells, who is an Army veteran, he said the gator struck fear in him. He hopes he doesn’t have to deal with another one anytime soon.

“I would like to see these animals, dangerous animals, gone,” Fells said.

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