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A Mid-Michigan is asking for changes after his mailbox was hit nearly 20 times.

“I went through 18 mail boxes,” said Rod Valliere, a Bay City homeowner.

You heard him right, Rod said his mailbox has been hit by vehicles 18 times.

Most recently, Thursday morning.

“If you go 100 dollars a pop that’s $1,800 in mailboxes,” he said.

Rod's house sits on westside Saginaw Road right near the intersection of Salzburg Road.

He said he watches the cars speed by all day long.

“You see how fast, that’s faster than 40mph,” he said.

Rod has even started a pile of all the debris that's left behind.

“Piece of a car there, fan shroud here, muffler here, another muffler back there,” he said.

And Rod said he’s tried just about everything.

“I moved [mailboxes] in various locations, about 10 different locations up and down my front yard here. Makes no difference,” he said.

And he's reached out several times for help to police and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

“No one can do anything about it, called the sheriff’s department, they came here and said there’s really nothing that much in damage. So, there's really nothing they can do,” Rod said. “I already talked to the highway, they said they can’t put a guard rail here.”

We reached out to them as well.

Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham confirms that they've had “multiple reports of issues with vehicles driving off the road in that area.”

We are still waiting to hear back from MDOT.

In the meantime, Rod said he wants something done because he's sick and tired of replacing his mailbox.

“They could at least put rumble strips like they do on highways and other places,” he said. “They put the rumble strips on the shoulders of the road so people run into it, you know.”

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