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A Fenton man wrote a book honoring his wife after she lost her memory while giving birth to their son.

“She doesn’t remember our first date. She doesn’t remember our baby shower, or what happened in the hospital last week,” Steve Curto said.

Memories are precious for most of us, yet for Curto and his wife Camre, they are few and far between.

“We were expecting to have a child. Two regular people in love. Excited! And one day she developed swelling in her throat,” Curto said.

Seven years ago, the Curtos were a month away from meeting their new bundle of joy. Then preeclampsia set in.

Preeclampsia is a rare complication from pregnancy that often causes high blood pressure and sometimes seizures.

“We got her to the hospital real quick, but then it was too late,” Curto said.

Camre had to have an emergency C-section to save both her and their son, Gavin.

“He was perfect, he was born four pounds one ounce. Healthy little preemie,” Curto said.

Curto said doctors told them their baby was thriving but Camre had swelling in her brain that caused serious memory issues.

When she woke up, she no longer remembered her childhood, parents, being pregnant, or her husband.

Curto said it was something Camre said in the hospital that gave him hope.

“She didn’t know who I was, but she told me, 'but I know I love you,'” Curto said.

That is why Curto wrote his book, But I know I Love You. It is all about the trials and tribulations the couple has faced.

For years, Curto said he had to be both mother and father as Camre had to learn daily skills again.

He said his book was a way to heal but also a way to inspire others.

“I think that reason that we’re still sitting here today as a family is from never giving up hope, that’s it, that’s what it comes down to,” Curto said.

Curto said he’s amazed at his wife’s strength and just how good she is at being a mom.

Camre still suffers from epilepsy, but her memory is slowly improving. They are looking forward to creating new memories.

Thanks to Curto’s book, they will never forget the past.

“If something ever happened to me, I want my wife and child to know what we’ve been through since the beginning to get where we are today,” Curto said.

To purchase the couple’s book, click here.

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