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A popular British restaurant is in the red after a red wine mix up by one of its staff.

“Instead of picking up I think it was the Chateau Pichon, they went for a Chateau le Pin,” said marketing manager of the Hawksmoor Manchester, Dale Clovey.

Two businessmen had scrolled through the wine menu before settling on a $300 bottle of Bordeaux.

It might seem like a lavish choice, if a manager-in-training hadn't grabbed another bottle by accident... one worth almost $6,000.

“It was the most expensive bottle of wine that we have and that is the only one,” Clovey said.

The company is making light of the expensive error, posting a photo of the switched bottles on twitter – joking, 'They look pretty similar, ok?!'

“The guests actually drank the whole thing, unknowingly, and we only noticed it was this wine when we cleared the table,” Clovey said.

An expert at one of London's poshest wine boutiques says the customers may have been unaware of their upgraded drinks.

“Even the most knowledgeable person can get tricked,” said Juelien Le Doare, shopmanager at Hedonism Wine. “You can spot it but you have to be very good.”

As for the manager, she's still employed and apparently mortified by the mix-up. 

But there were no sour grapes from the CEO who tweeted: “To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen, and we love you anyway.”

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