Massive spider found near Michigan border

Source: Jacob Collins

Scream. Run. Cry. We're right behind you.

A man in Elkhart, Indiana shared a Facebook post earlier this week with photos of a massive spider one of his co-workers found while working on a boat.

The city is just a few miles south of the Michigan border.

"They found this giant beast on a boat at work today," Jacob Collins wrote in the Facebook post. "Beware all Elkhart country residents. They are out there and they are real."

The post has been shared over 10,000 times.

Collins said his co-worker, Tabatha Cooper, originally found the six-inch spider and tried to scare the rest of her team with it.

We’re sure she succeeded.

Collins said the arthropod was identified as a dark fishing spider, or Dolomedes tenebrosus. According to MSU Extension, the spider is one of the largest in the world. They typically live near water where they lie in wait to ambush their prey.


Despite their size, and hairiness, experts say fishing spiders are not particularly dangerous to people or pets.

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