Mayor gives update on pipeline removal

Source: WNEM

New details were released on efforts to clear the city of Flint of its lead pipelines.

Mayor Karen Weaver provided an update Friday on her FAST Start Initiative, along with plans to hire Flint residents for water distribution efforts.

“It is crucial that Flint residents play a role in the recovery and the rebuilding of our city,” Weaver said.

The announcement comes on the heels of a jaw-dropping discovery that Flint's lead problem is even worse.

Weaver revealed on Thursday an estimated 29,000 homes need their lead service lines replaced - almost double the previous estimate of 15,000.

"If that figure proves accurate, replacing all of the lead-tainted service lines could cost $140 million or more actually. And that's why we're really, really counting on Congress. We're looking to them to pass an aid package for Flint. That would bring tens of millions of dollars to Flint that could be used to repair our damaged water system,” Weaver said.

Weaver said as of Thursday, Dec. 1, crews had replaced service lines to 556 Flint homes. She previously said her goal was to have 1,000 pipelines replaced by the beginning of the year.

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