Mayor, residents complain about 'cat house'


It's been one of the biggest mysteries in one Mid-Michigan town for years and has become the center of controversy as of late.

It's known as the cat house in downtown Corunna and looks as strange as it sounds. Despite countless complaints from residents, the city can't really do much about it.

"That's just another eyesore as far as I'm concerned," said Robert Bushong, resident.

The house sits brightly on the side of Corunna Avenue.

Mayor Charles Kerridge said his hands are tied.

"I questioned 'Can't we do something about it?' The signs. We've even went to the state laws. Nothing we can get him on," Kerridge said.

Residents question why the owner Tom Wiegel decided to transform the old used car lot into it. He painted it with bright colors, decorated it with undressed mannequins and hung signs that indicate it is either a drug or prostitution business.

The mayor said Wiegel is still upset over a grass cutting fee he was charged back in 2012 that ended up in court.

"In court he lost. And his last statement as he left court was, "I will get even,'" Kerridge said.

Kerridge compares it to living next to a railroad track - you just kind of get used to it.

Some residents said they kind of like the place. It has become a kind of tourist attraction where people from all over come to take pictures.

"Doesn't hurt me. He's not actually running pot sales or prostitution or anything like that. It's just his way of protesting," said Chris Hanna, resident.

Wiegel said he is not doing anything wrong and the cat house is whatever you think it is.

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