MDOT conducts noise studies along I-75

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Carl Gaunt is fed up with all the noise on Interstate 75.

"I can't sleep at night sometimes, because there's so much noise, and my neighbors complain," Gaunt said.

He lives on Rook Road in Bridgeport near northbound I-75.

It's where he has called home for five years.

"So, it's harder to hear and everything, or to even talk. You want to talk to somebody, you got to scream at them," Gaunt said.

That's why Gaunt said he keeps complaining and asking the state to put up a sound barrier.

But his complaints have gone nowhere.

Gaunt's property is about a hundred feet from the highway.

"If something was to happen on the highway, like a gasoline tanker, it could burn my house up, too, for all I know," Gaunt said.

All he wants to know now is why his requests have been ignored.

TV5 took Gaunt’s questions to MDOT.

Spokeswoman Jocelyn Hall said crews have done sound testing along this stretch I-75 and found just one area meets the criteria for a sound barrier.

It's a stretch of I-75 just south of Hess Road.

Hall said the area where Gaunt lives didn't meet the criteria.

But that's not the kind of answer he's looking for.

"Because there's trucks in the summertime, there's Harley-Davidsons, and they got all kinds of noise, and the crotch rockets they use. And it's just noisier than all get-out!" Gaunt said.

Hall said there just isn't enough funding to put up a sound wall every time they get a complaint.

Especially when the complaint comes after the homeowner buys the property knowing they would be living right next to the highway.

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