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Several debit card holders in Mid-Michigan are being told to be on the lookout after many of them received concerning phone calls.

Several members of a local credit union reported calls about strange transactions in their accounts.

“Identity theft is horrible,” said Shanna Brondstetter.

Brondstetter and her husband each received alarming phone calls on Sunday that their debit cards had been compromised.

“She says, ‘were you in New Jersey purchasing cosmetics?’ And I’m like, ‘nope, wasn’t me.’ She says, ‘well, we noticed a weird charge on your card,’” Brondstetter said.

According to Copoco Credit Union’s website, which has branches in Saginaw and Bay City, that charge was for $0 at Bare Minerals.

Brondstetter posted about the experience on Facebook and soon learned she and her husband were not the only victims.

“Within hours I had hit after hit after hit, ‘I did too.’ ‘I got the same call.’ ‘I did too.’ I’m like, OK, now this is getting weird,” Brondstetter said.

She went to the credit union on Monday to get a new card and that’s when she realized how big of a problem this was.

“I couldn’t even get into the parking lot. It was packed. I had to park next door,” Brondstetter said.

She said many people were there for the same problem.

Copoco’s website says it’s working to resolve the “Master Card debit issue.” It says it was “not a data breach” and that other financial institutions were involved.

Copoco added that “no transactions of any dollar value were posted.”

Brondstetter said she is thinking about switching credit unions, but she knows wherever she goes there is always the possibility of identity theft.

“The world today isn’t what it used to be. It’s sad,” she said.

The credit union said if you’re one of those affected you should download the Card Valet app and shut off your card through the app. Then you can visit the credit union for a new one.

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