A memorial for a local student became quite the controversy at her former school.

When Kacie Crawford died in a car accident last year her family and friends set up a special lounge in the hallway at her high school, but it was later moved.

“There’s no good way of putting this, but she didn’t make it,” said Susan Crawford, mom.

It’s a loss the Crawford family says they will never fully recover from.

Their daughter Kacie died in a car crash in February of last year.

She and her sister, who survived, were among six Perry High School students involved in the crash.

Susan and Kevin Crawford call Kacie a precious soul.

“It’s been really hard. She was the loud one in here. All of her friends at the school miss her laughter, miss her voice,” Susan said.

Her friends decided they wanted a memorial in the hallway of Perry High School to honor Kacie, who would have been a senior this year.

“The student council raised money to purchase a couch, table and chairs to sit outside the Ramblers’ café we have, and a little 18X18 plaque on the wall,” Susan said.

A policy decision to move the memorial to a media room generated anger.

“If there’s a faculty or student that is willing to do a temporary one it has to be 18X18 and leaving it up just for their school year,” Susan said.

Kacie’s parents say the problem is the media room has limited access for students.

TV5 reached out to the superintendent, but he was out of town.

As of Friday, the memorial was moved back to its original location.

The Crawford family said they are happy it’s back but are still upset.

“The anniversary is Feb. 3. Graduation is a couple months. These kids did not need this stirred back up again,” Susan said.

A school board meeting is set for this upcoming Monday to discuss the situation further.

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