MI city in top 5 best places to survive zombie apocalypse


Just in time for Halloween, realtor.com has released a list of best and worst cities in America to survive a zombie apocalypse, and a Michigan city is in the top 5.

According to the site, zombie-ism is a disease, and like other diseases spreads from person to person.

That means, as you compete to stay alive and gather resources, the best places to survive will be in smaller, metro areas. Also, you will need to be fit, and out-run the undead. And don’t forget about being able to shoot, and take out the brain-eaters. That’s why Lubbock, TX was their number one spot to survive.

Here are the rest of the top 10 locations:

2. Deltona, FL

3. San Luis Obispo, CA

4. Oklahoma City

5. Kalamazoo, MI

6. Duluth, MN

7. Wichita, KS

8. Fort Smith, AR

9. Prescott, AZ

10. Lynchburg, VA

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