For the first time, the Michigan couple who pulled guns on a black family outside a Chipotle restaurant are talking to the media.

The July 1 incident was caught on cellphone video, and went viral, attracting national, and even international attention.

Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg are facing felony assault charges, but they say they were acting in self-defense.

“I wasn’t sure if my bag bumped this young woman who was very close to me,” said Jillian.

The heated exchange continues as the white woman walks to her van and her husband opens the door to get in.

In the video you hear, “Do something! Who the (expletive) do you guys think you are? You’re calling her names? You’re very racist and ignorant.”

"In today's climate, you never know what's going to happen. That's the reason why we choose to carry our protection,” said Eric.

As the husband is backing out their van, the black mother walks to the back and hits it. She may not be the only one.

Dean Greenblatt: "And they were trapped. They were trapped in their vehicle. And we had uh, there was more than just one person banging on that vehicle. And that will come out at trial," said the Wuestenberg’s attorney, Dean Greenblatt.

The van stops, the wife and husband get out, both with guns drawn.

"Within moments, a second or two. I had multiple people within two feet of me. And, I. I just remember thinking, I'm not going home tonight," Jillian said.

When asked if she felt like she had no choice but to pull the gun, Jillian replied yes.

"Why are you video recording this incident? What's the purpose other than for, you know, folks to be where we are right now," said Wuestenberg’s attorney Terry Johnson.

The attorneys for the couple say the black mother and her daughter should be charged with ethnic intimidation. According to the reports, both Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg have lost their jobs as a result of the incident.

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I'm starting to think I should get a carry permit so that I don't end up like lots of my friends all over the area! With many criminals of all races are doing more crime and the cops are criminalized when they do their jobs!! I have seen WA with the BLM who was shown on the video clearly going against the 1st Amendment of free speech because it is only free speech if you are peacefully protesting and none that I have seen was peaceful protest!! The Governors and Mayors need to protect the citizens of their communities and not let rioting go on!! If they can't then they need to replaced with one's that follow the Constitution!

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