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More shelter animals across Michigan will be getting a happy ending after many shelters in the state reached a “No-Kill” status.

“It’s great, that's been the goal for years and years,” said Beth Wellman director of the Humane Society of Midland County.

It's something to dance about for all the stray dogs and cats in Michigan.

“To be honest, euthanasia is an easier answer,” Wellman said.

But according to shelters in Michigan, it's the wrong one.

138 of the 174 shelters in Michigan have a 90 percent or better Live Release Rate and can be considered a no kill shelter. 

That's a long sought-after goal according to Wellman.

“This has been the goal for a very long time and the Michigan Pet Alliance has been very active in pushing this and making sure that no-kill is kind of in everyone’s face,” Wellman said.

To achieve no-kill status, each shelter must adopt out or transfer 90-percent of their animals.

Over the last decade, Michigan has come a long way.

According to the Michigan Pet Alliance Foundation in 2011:

Saginaw County Animal Control is at an 77 percent Live Release Rate and has not yet achieved the no kill status. 

Bay County Animal Shelter and Care Center is at an 89 percent Live Release and has not yet achieved the no kill status. 

Other Mid-Michigan shelters... Like Genesee County Animal Control also had a high kill rate but now is at a 92 percent Live Release and can now be considered a no kill shelter. 

They’re all rehabilitating and adopting their animals out for a second chance at life.

“All of the communities are animal-centric,” Wellman said. “These are our pets, they’re part of our family. I don’t want them to die in the shelter. That mind set changing has forced everyone to change.”

Now Michigan is just the second in the entire nation to reach this status. The much smaller state of Delaware was the first back in August.

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