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A Lansing-area doctor had sanctions placed on his medical license after allegedly violating the Public Health Code.

Sparrow Carson City physician Raymond Allard was accused of failing to meet the standard of care in performing surgical procedures which resulted in high infection rates among his patients, failing to properly diagnose and treat the infections, failing to properly maintain patient charts, exhibiting disruptive behavior, and crossing boundaries with patients and staff.

Allard did not contest the violations.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs reached a settlement with Allard, which was approved by the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery on Aug. 1.

Allard is required to have direct, on-site supervision while practicing. To have that limitation removed, the board has ordered Allard to complete the following within one year:

  • A comprehensive clinical competency assessment through the Center for Personalized Education for Professionals
  • A satisfactory psychiatric evaluation by a provider or entity pre-approved by the Board and be deemed safe to practice medicine
  • A professional boundaries course through CPEP and achieve a grade of "unconditional pass"
  • Pay a $1,500 fine

Allard was also placed on probation.

If Allard completes these steps within one year, his license will be automatically reclassified to a full and unencumbered status, the Michigan Attorney General's Office said.

However, Allard will still be required to have his professional practice reviewed for one year.

If Allard does not complete the steps, he would have to petition the board to have his license reclassified and prove his ability to safely practice medicine.

“We count on health care providers to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards and provide proper and compassionate care to us and our loved ones,” Nessel said. “This settlement gives Dr. Allard an opportunity to get the assistance he needs to provide that care and take the necessary steps to ensure patient safety.”

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