Gretchen Whitmer

The controversy over Gretchen Whitmer's flight to Florida continues.

The controversy over Gretchen Whitmer's flight to Florida continues.

“When a family member of mine needs a little help though I’m going to show up, just like when we have a crisis here, we’re going to work 24/7 to keep the people of this state safe,” Whitmer said.

Whitmer responded to criticism over a trip she took to Florida to visit her sick father.

“When you’re the Governor of Michigan you’re always on the clock but it doesn’t mean that you’re not also a daughter who shows up when her family needs,” Whitmer said.

During a press conference Wednesday, the Michigan GOP called Whitmer's trip a "Spring break vacation" that she took while unvaccinated.

“She made that trip at a time when COVID-19 cases were surging here in the state of Michigan,” Ted Goodman from Michigan GOP said.

“From a party standpoint we were disappointed that the governor would go visit her father and then ask the citizens of the state of Michigan to stay put,” said Linda Jenkins, secretary of the Bay County GOP.

Jenkins said not only did the governor do something that she told other Michiganders not to, but also wonders how the trip was funder.

“Did the taxpayers of Michigan pay for that? Did she pay for that out of some fund from the state?” Jenkins said.

Although Whitmer refuses to share key details of the trip out due to security concerns, she did say one thing.

“This flight was not paid for with taxpayer expense,” Whitmer said.

Adding the trip wasn't a vacation or gift. Jenkins said the GOP just wants the Governor to be transparent.

“The only thing we have been looking for from the governor throughout this entire pandemic is transparency and I don’t think we feel that we’ve gotten that transparency that we deserve,” Jenkins said.

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(2) comments

Bill C.

Saying how it wasn't paid for is not the same thing as saying how it was paid for. We are happy that it wasn't paid for with tax money, but we still have the right to know how it *was* paid for.

Jeremy Nelson

Well, name the conspiracy you have about someone going to Florida via plane. Evil, dark money I'm sure, raised by killing babies. Or maybe she used her salary to amass that large sum of ~$400 for a round trip flight? Impossible!

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