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Former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected President-elect of the United States, but the Michigan legislature is saying- not so fast.

"To look into the process and to make sure that the people of this state can feel comfortable that this was a fair process where legal votes were counted only," said Republican Representative Matt Hall.

Saturday, in a joint hearing of the house and senate oversight committees, the Michigan legislature issued a subpoena to state election officials.

The move comes after polarizing and opposing statements from Democratic and Republican state representatives.

"If anyone is going to be calling these processes into question without any evidence as has been happening in the highest parts of this country, that's wrong, that's despicable, that’s un-American, and no one should do that," said Democratic Senator Jeff Irwin.

"To question our election based on...what? Based on a president who constantly lies? And you guys are trying to hold onto him?" said Democratic Representative Cynthia Johnson.

In a 4 to 1 vote, the subpoena seeks documents relating to Michigan’s election process as Republican lawmakers launch an investigation of what they call “election irregularities.”

"This is not for Republicans or Democrats, but it's for voters who expect a free, fair, and safe system,” Hall said. “People we represent have demanded answers, and we must work to provide them."

But the irregularities are not yet supported by solid evidence.  

"The truth is there is no evidence of systemic fraud or politically driven manipulation,” said Democratic Representative Darrin Camilleri said. “There is only hearsay and partisan hopes. Unfortunately, it makes us feel that these are the cries of sore losers."

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Everytime a Democrat bashes a Republican by calling us names it reminds me how much of a liar they are, the "president elect" asks for unity, what a joke. You think 71 million people enjoy being called sore losers and worse, when for most of them they just want the reassurance of knowing there aren't errors. Rumors sow discontent.  If there are no errors  Democrats could all just say “I told you so” after a review.  But, they rather call people names and deny us the security of knowing our votes went where they should have.  Any allegations should be checked into. You know like CPS. Like people are going to come forward and just announce they cheated, made a bad decision etc. Covid or not, votes made after the polls close on election day shouldn't count anywhere. Teachers don't give credit for late work and your boss will fire you for missing deadlines. Why should we get longer to vote?  Election Day should be just that. If you can't vote on time, you don't get a vote. 

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