For years the United States Postal Service has tried to make people understand how serious dog attacks are.

Today they offered living proof in a mail carrier from Lapeer whose nose was bitten off.

They also introduced mail carrier Todd Bridges.

Bridges survived a vicious attack that was caught on camera

He says,"I felt like I was fighting for my life, my kids."

Bridges was working his route on Detroit's west side when a pit bull attacked.

He says he did everything he could to fight off the dog, even using his dog spray.

"I sprayed in his face, eyes, his mouth and it was nothing. It's like it didn't even bother him. Didn't even faze him."

That's when O'Nell Colley came to Todd's aid, fighting off the dog with a garbage can, a club and hammer.

Today Colley was honored at the Oak Park Post Office.

He says helping Todd Bridges was common sense.

"If I was on that ground, help me. And that' the message. Love one another, help one another."

Bridges says he is working to heal.

"Each day I try to put it further and further in the back of my mind. I try not to do anything that's going to trigger it."

Bridges also says it took weeks to feel comfortable back on the job.

"We want to go home the same way we come to work. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It was very traumatic for me."

5,700 postal workers were attacked by dogs last year.


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