Michigan man arrested for 1989 car theft

Source: CNN

A suspected car thief was arrested in Michigan…29 years after his alleged act. His daughter says the arrest is unfair because her father now has diminished mental capacity.

It was no Friday the 13th joke.

Police pulled 60-year-old Chris Cline out of bed to take him to jail on a 1989 car theft bench warrant out of Detroit.

His daughter and her friend broadcast it on Facebook live.

"It doesn't make sense. It's not a murder, it's not a rape, it's not, you know, a bomb threat, he is not a terrorist,” said Trillion Wright, Cline’s daughter.

Cline was hit by a car some years ago. He doesn’t walk well and doesn’t always think straight. He said this could be the reason why they want him.

"Now I did get caught sleeping in a stolen vehicle, which was not supposed to be stolen,” Cline said.

Wright said the arrest isn’t fair.

"He doesn't remember. This is not fair because he is on file. He has diminished capacity because he had head and frontal lobe damage," she said.

The video taken by Cline’s daughter and her friend has gone viral. In it, Cline couldn’t even get his feet all the way back into the Oakland County Sheriff’s car.

"I thought it was crazy, I thought it was unjust. I talked to the officer, I'm like, he said it's unjust,” said Nola Amerika, Wright’s fiancé.

Cline said he tried in 1986 to go to Ohio, three years before the charge. While he had some legal trouble there, Cline said the bench warrant never came up.

On Friday, deputies took him to the Oakland County Jail, but then released him. They told him to turn himself in to Detroit.

"It should be dismissed and released. Should be dismissed. I don't know how they do it up here now, but in Ohio a stolen vehicle, if you are convicted of stealing it, is mandatory five years,” Cline said.

Cline's daughter said he will turn himself in, but he will have an attorney with him.

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