Michigan man finds pieces of meteorite

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Meteor mania continued across the state on Thursday.

People flocked to fields across southeast Michigan hoping to snag a chunk of the space treasure.

"This is always a big deal," said Larry Atkins, who found part of the meteorite.

Atkins found two pieces of the meteorite and said his team of friends found four more in the town of Hamburg, which is north of Ann Arbor.

"Feels great, feels fantastic," Atkins said.

Atkins is from Michigan, but spends every winter in the Arizona desert searching for meteorites. The second he heard about the meteor he booked a plane back home.

"I've been doing it a long time. Let's just put it that way," Atkins said.

He said he found one meteorite within 15 minutes of searching on top of a frozen lake.

"It's the easiest one I've ever found in my life," Atkins said.

While he and his friends had great success, other hunters were left in the dust.

But that didn't stop Astronomer Todd Slisher and his friends from scouring the lakes and fields with metal detectors.

"We've been looking for small holes in the snow to see if there's any rock at the bottom of it," Slisher said.

He wants to find one and send it NASA's way.

As for Atkins, he said one is for his personal collection and he might sell the other one.

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