Image: Laura Rumble military family

A Fenton woman is juggling raising her children and getting her degree alone while her husband is deployed with the military.

Laura Rumble, a military wife, said juggling three kids under the age of 4, taking care of a home, and getting a college degree at the same time is anything but easy.

“It’s actually been really hard trying to do finances and struggles with three kids,” Rumble said.

Rumble said it’s a little more difficult for her because her husband Chris has been deployed since September 2018 with the National Guard.

“It’s hard because during the day I don’t know what he’s doing and it’s kind of frustrating because I just want him home, but I know he’s helping our family. So I just got to be supportive, but he’ll be gone for almost an entire year,” Rumble said.

Rumble said she spends most of her free time studying online for her associates degree in business.

She said she has moved all over the country during her husband’s different assignments and she’s now finishing, graduating in May.

“I’m proud of myself because I just keep pushing through and I knew I had to get it done and to say, 'yeah I have a degree and I also have three kids and my husband is gone.' Everybody calls me super-mom and I’m trying, I really am,” Rumble said.

Rumble said she likes being called super-mom, wife, and student but hopes to be called an inspiration and spark hope for other military families.

“I would just say honestly just take it day by day. I mean as hard as that may seem, it does get better at the end of the day. You have your family and that’s the most important thing,” Rumble said.

She said once she finishes school she hopes to start a new career to relieve pressure from her husband.

“The kids will start being in school and I’m hoping that I find a great career so that I can support my family and be there for them just like he’s been there for us,” Rumble said.

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