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Michigan’s gas taxes add up to be one of the highest in the country, roads across the state are bad and now many residents wonder where has the money gone.

Many residents were not happy to hear Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed 45-cent gas tax increase.

According to Whitmer, the tax increase will help fix the crumbling roads.

Beonica Smith, a local resident, is not happy about the condition of the roads but is willing to pay more for gas if it is going to fix the roads.

“I popped a tire going to work yesterday. So, these potholes are getting to be ridiculous,” Smith said. “No, I don’t want to pay more money but if it is going to fix the roads then yes, I’m willing to pay more money.”

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation and the state of Michigan, all the money spent on a gallon of gas doesn’t go to fix the roads.

Michigan drivers pay about 26-cents per gallon for a fuel tax and 9-cents for state sales tax. They pay about 1-cent for cleanup and the federal government also gets a share. This results in a total of 59-cents paid in taxes for each gallon of gas.

According to MDOT, part of the issue is they only get a portion of the taxes paid. The funds partially go to MDOT and some goes to Michigan’s Department of Education.

In 2015, the state started charging drivers more to renew their tabs where the extra money was to go toward fixing the roads.

The money from the previous tax along with the increase in license fees, which is about $600 million, isn’t scheduled to hit the road budget until 2021.

The governor hopes things will change and the roads will get better with the new gas tax being implemented.

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