Caberfae Peaks Ski and Golf Resort

Caberfae Peaks Ski and Golf Resort outside of Cadillac is the perfect getaway, without driving too far.

“The most important thing about Caberfae is we’re the first big ski hill as you come north, so we get a lot of people driving up from the Midland, Saginaw, Bay City area,” said Manger Pete Meyer.

It’s also a historical site that’s been around since 1937.

Since then, many upgrades have been made, including new ski lifts, additional lodging, and a heated pool and hot tub.

“We’ve been able to update it and improve Caberfae and make it a much better ski resort than it was,” Meyer said.

And as you can imagine, business is booming during the winter season, catering to not only the pros, but first-timers as well.

“It’s fun to see the skiers coming out, the snowboarders coming out, enjoying the quality of snow; enjoying the new lifts that we put in recently. And really leaving with smiles on their faces, all in one affordable price,” Meyer added.

Plus, guests get a chance to enjoy an incredible view they won’t find anywhere else.

“I call it the best view in the lower peninsula when you’re at the top of our two peaks, cause all you can see is undeveloped land that’s all Manistee National Forest all around us,” Meyer explained.

And come spring, golfers can tee off.

“We have a nine-hole golf course on site, and it’s all bent grass, tee swings, and fairways,” Meyer explained.

Caberfae isn’t only a golf course and ski lift, but it’s also a popular destination for weddings.

“In the spring, summer, fall, we really have quite a wedding venue. And this serves as a reception hall for all the weddings that we do, and we do over 60 weddings a year,” said Meyer.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a unique wedding destination, a place to enjoy some winter fun or golf, “I’d say come up and try it, because those that do, usually come back,” Meyer explained.

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