Changes to sex education could be on the way for Saginaw schools

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For the first time, the state of Michigan is planning to close public schools for academic reasons.

The Michigan School Reform Office said Friday 38 schools are failing and subject to closure. Some schools may not close if state officials decide it would pose an unreasonable hardship for students because no better options are available.

More than half of the 38 schools are in Detroit. The others are in Benton Harbor, Bridgeport, East Detroit, Kalamazoo, Pontiac, River Rouge and Saginaw.

The law allows for state-ordered school closures if chronically underperforming schools have not improved despite receiving other forms of intervention.

The closure option had gone unused.

Also Friday, 79 "priority" schools were freed from state intervention -- the first time more schools were released than were flagged for intervention. Click here for for the 2016 priority schools list.

The list of 38 schools that are failing and subject to close is below. Mobile users click here.

The Saginaw School Superintendent, Nathaniel McClain released a statement following the report:The Saginaw Public School District is committed to honoring the Partnership Agreement developed with the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Association of School Administrators, Michigan Association of School Boards, Middle Cities Education Association, Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators, and the Saginaw Intermediate School District. We believe that the collective effort of all agencies will result in efficient school transformation practices leading to improved levels of academic achievement within identified priority schools. At this point, three of the five identified priority schools within the district appear on the 2016 Bottom 5% list. Our goal is to have all priority schools removed from the Bottom 5% listing for the 2017 testing cycle. We can accomplish this with the assistance of organizations supporting the Partnership Agreement.The Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District released a statement on the announcement.

It said that the good news is that Bridgeport High School was released from the Priority List. But that Atkins Elementary moved on to the "next Level of Accountability List". The district said it's not clear what that means in the SRO's perspective.

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